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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are gogeta?

We are a site that helps you choose your perfect bike, in the correct size, and then find out which retailer has the best offer for you.

So you're not a shop?

That's right, think of us like an online marketplace where you can browse offers from many different shops.

We work with the best retailers in the UK, who need to meet our standards of customer service. Once you receive retailer offers you choose, and then buy the bike from them as normal.

Is gogeta free to use?

Yes - we are completely free to use. You pay no more than if you'd gone direct to the retailer - and in fact we help save you money by bringing together many offers in one place, so you can choose the best.

So how do you make money?

We are currently pre-revenue (which is a posh way of saying we don't charge commission yet). In time we will charge retailers a fee for selling a bike on our platform (like they currently do with other affiliate networks).

If you click through to a retailer's website we may use an affiliate link, which generates us a small commission should you go on to make a purchase from them - like a sort of "finder's fee" - but this does not cost you any extra!

What do you do with my data?

We never sell your data. Your data is never shared with third parties. We are fiercely protective of our user's (that's you!) privacy!

What does a universe of choice mean?

The way the cycle industry works is that if you are a bike shop you are expected to have inventory of the bike brands you stock. As such there are only so many brands a store can carry. And if a store nearby stocks brand X, they may block you from also selling brand X.

So one store sells brand X, and one store sells brand Y.

If a customer wants to compare X and Y they need to speak to 2 stores and each store will be promoting the brand they sell, over the one they don't.

Because we are a marketplace and not a shop, we feature ALL the brands, so you can compare them all to one another, in one site, from the comfort of your own home.

What does unbundling advising from selling mean?

As mentioned above, because we aren't a shop we don't sell anything. We don't have any of the commercial pressures to shift inventory and turn bikes on the shop floor into cash in the till. Instead we can focus all of our efforts into advice and customer experience.

How do I know what bike to buy?

Our buying guides and (coming soon!) our e-bike wizard are here to help you choose your perfect match.

How do I know what size to buy?

Our sizing guides and (coming soon!) our fit calculator help you get the right size.

What if something goes wrong?

We only work with the best retailers in the UK, who have exemplary customer service and sell products with full UK warranties. You buying the bike from the shop, and thus enjoy the full consumer protections.