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We're the cycling marketplace
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A team of cycling enthusiasts trying to make bike buying better for everyone through impartial, expert advice and access to the best offers from the UK's leading retailers

Cycling: Emotion in motion. Exhilarating. Motivating. Liberating.

But what about buying a bike? The right bike? Now that’s a different story. It can feel complicated and confusing. Hard work. Headache inducing. Hassle all the way. Until now, that is.

At gogeta we’re transforming the world of bike buying. Forever.

Giving cyclists a smarter, faster and easier way to find the bike that matches their specific needs. What it is. Where it’s available. And who’s got the hottest deals.

We’re inspired by the unbridled joy that cycling brings. We believe that buying a bike - the perfect bike - should be as simple and fun as, well, riding one. We’re leading the way through a much-needed retail revolution in the bike market. Empowering customers. Championing retailers. Going far beyond what’s gone before. Creating a bike-buying experience that’s infinitely better.

The smile says it all.

Why find your bike with gogeta


Compare offers to find the best price

We show you the prices for the bike you want from all the leading retailers.


Independent advice

Unlike a retailer, we don't have stock to shift. You find the bike you want and that's that.


In stock - no wild goose chases

Find your dream bike in stock now.
No waiting, no emails, simply find it and buy it.

gogeta FAQs

Who are gogeta?

We're a site that helps you choose your perfect bike, in the correct size, and then find out which retailer has the best offer for you.

Will I pay more if I use gogeta?

No! We are completely free to use.

What's the advantage to using gogeta?

The way the cycle industry works is that if you are a bike shop you are expected to have inventory of the bike brands you stock. As such there are only so many brands a store can carry. And if a store nearby stocks brand X, they may block you from also selling brand X.

So one store sells brand X, and one store sells brand Y.

If a customer wants to compare X and Y they need to speak to 2 stores and each store will be promoting the brand they sell, over the one they don't.

Because we are a marketplace and not a shop, we feature ALL the brands, so you can compare them all to one another, in one site, from the comfort of your own home.